How to create a personalize picture book?

  • Come to our website www.CHIC-KEN.world —> create book
  • Input personal information and upload a photo
  • Select a book series —> select preferred adventures/ titles —> book preview

How to upload and crop photo ?
    You might re-upload photo until you are satisfied, to get a better result, pay attention to the followings:
  • If the photo is too dark/too bright, adjust brightness before uploading
  • Choose a photo that displays a close-up and a front view of a face
  • After upload, place the face exactly inside the oval by using the drag/rotate/ crop/zoom function, examples of correct and incorrect placements:

How to preview books?
  • Book creating function and short previews are free on www.CHIC-KEN.world to all visitors
  • Full previews, on the other hand, are available and free to registered members, they can be shared as a link via different media, and can be revisited in 7 days

How to purchase a PDF version of your personalized book?
  • Step 1 Sign-up/Login
  • “My Product(s)” page and “Shopping Cart” page are only available to registered members
  • Step 2 Create your personalized book
  • Use the making function to create personalized book
  • Store your book into “My product(s)” Page
  • Step 3 Purchase at “Shopping Cart” page
  • Select the desired title and purchase a “download”
  • Step 4 Redeem at “My product(s)” page
  • Find the personalized book you have created, spend the related “download” to unlock PDF version
“Have You Seen My Shadow?” product features
  • A perfect commemorative gift for your child
  • Storyline
  • Your shadow had ran away!!! You must take on an adventure with your group of friends to look for your shadow.
  • Product features
  • Select 5 mini adventures out of 20+ selectable stories (over 200 possible combination)
  • Includes a story about the birthday of your child
  • 3 selectable book covers
“Positive Behavioral Series” product features
  • A perfect parenting tool to the misbehaviors of your child
  • Storyline
  • 22 titles in discussion of common misbehaviors of younger children
  • Your child will be a facilitator in solving the behavioral problems of the group of friends
  • Product features
  • The concept of “Narrative Therapy” was applied
  • This product serve as a tool to tackle the misbehaviors of children, as an alternative to direct confrontation